Hail Damage Repairs, Wollongong, Wollongong

Why Opt for Hail Damage Repairs Wollongong?

In case a storm hits the area you live in and your vehicle gets damaged by the hail stones, it impacts the look of your vehicle. It’s not uncommon for cars panels and doors to get minor dents. If these are left unattended, eventually, your vehicle will start looking old and dented. Therefore, it’s important to hire the services of a company that provides Hail Damage Repairs in Wollongong. You will find that a number of companies provide these services, but very few are highly skilled and dedicated in the manner in which they do the work.

The Benefits

We at Hail & Dent E Raiser are the experts who go out of the way to provide services that are in-line with your needs. We use specialised tools to gently apply pressure to the dented metal, from outside, until the dent completely disappears without impacting the vehicle in any way. There are a number of benefits to using Hail Damage Repairs in Wollongong:

  • The repairs are very cost-effective
  • Since the car’s original paint work is retained, it helps maintain the integrity of the car
  • The work gets done much quicker
  • The vehicle holds much better value

Customers we Cater to

We are very proud of the manner in which we handle the job and our focus is always on providing 100% customer satisfaction in every job we take up. We cater to wide range of customers including

  • Smash repair centres
  • Car dealerships
  • Insurance companies
  • Individual car owners
  • Contract work to many other Hail Damage Repairs in Wollongong companies

Areas we Cover

Over the years, we have built a very strong reputation in the region and we have a large number of satisfied customers across Wollongong, Wollongong, Nowra, Southern Highlands right upto Goulburn. In case of hail storm-related damage, we may travel to areas beyond these as well.

In most instances, the cost of our services is much less than what your insurance excess is. Once we have completed our job, there won’t be a single trace of the dent and dinks. When you call us, our expert will come and check the damage; he will then decide on which process will work best for your vehicles. You will be provided with a detailed quote and all the dents will then be carefully removed.

Call the Specialists

We specialise in insurance quotes & repairs. Today, most insurance companies prefer that car dents be repaired via theHail Damage Repairs in Wollongong process. It’s quick and effective and you also get to keep your no claims bonus. If you find that your vehicle has got damaged by a shopping trolley or if a hail storm has created a number of dents in the body of your vehicle,Hail and Dent E Raiser is the company to call. For more information about our excellent and effectivePaintless dent removal in Wollongong, call us at 04-3232-1738. You can also use thisonline form to contact us.


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