Paintless Dent Removal and Repairs

The nature of our business is repairing dents on cars such as hail damage and parking dents. Our method is to gently apply pressure to the dent from behind using specialised tools until the dent disappears without having to paint the car. The benefit of repairing dents and hail damage with this method is

  • repairs are less expensive
  • the car keeps it's integrity by retaining it's original paint work
  • the car holds a better value

We take pride in our quality of repairs and aim for customer satisfaction

Paintless Dent Removal and Repairs Wollongong

Hail storms are generally sudden and unexpected. We all know how sometimes, a sunny day can suddenly turn bleak and leave your vehicle in a mess. So, what’s next? Does that mean your investment won’t ever be the same again, or is a way you can get your vehicle back to its original condition?

We at Hail & Dent E Raiser are very proud of the fact that we are able to repair even the undetectable dents, in an expert manner. We are meticulous in our work and pay attention to detail, to achieve the best result every single time. This is what gives us a distinct edge over other companies that provide paintless dent removal in Wollongong services.

We have the skill, knowledge and the resources to repair all types of hail damage in the best possible way; the original factory finish of your vehicle won’t be affected in any way, and your car will be returned to the condition it was in, before the storm and this helps maintain your investment.

We have been working in this space for a number of years, and have a very good working relationship with most the major insurance companies and have the ability to handle your claim from start to end. If the repairs are also subject to any insurance claim, we can also provide you a courtesy car to use while we are performing paintless dent repair in Wollongong, on your vehicle.

When Expertise Matters

We are the experts who can bring your vehicle back to its original condition in the most effective and efficient manner. Thedent removal in Wollongong process that we use is perfect to remove minor dings, dents as well as any hail damage from cars, that don’t require any repainting of panels. This process of removing dents was specially developed to deal with non-collision type damage that is typical of hail damage, shopping trolley dents as well as minor panel and door damage.

Paintless dent removal in Wollongong requires a lot of skill and our trained and experienced technicians, very carefully remove all the damage to your vehicle, using tools that have been especially designed to firmly, yet gently massage the car metal into its original shape. Since there is no requirement of repainting, this process is much quicker than conventional repair methods. What’s also important is that it’s far more cost-effective too.

The Preferred Repair Method

A number of insurance companies rely on this repair method to repair small panel and door dents and hail damage. As a matter of fact,paintless dent repair in Wollongong is recommended and accepted by a large percentage of major insurance companies.

We understand that your time is valuable & our technicians will work on your car at a location and time that are convenient for you. For more information about our excellent and effective Paintless dent removal in Wollongong, call Hail and Dent E Raiser at 04-3232-1738. You can also use this online form to contact us.



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